Shang Han Lun and Other Traditional Formulas: A Clinical Reference


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By Dr. James Michael Moore, D.O.M., N.D., Dipl.Ac.

Ten basic disease categories are viewed from the Six Stages of Disease model which was developed more than eighteen hundred years ago by Dr. Chang Chung-Ching in his work Shang Han Lun.  The treatment methods and herbs recorded therein are still being used around the world today.  In this book by Dr. James Michael Moore, eighty-seven of these and other traditional formulas are studied and arranged in such a way that the reader will have an in-depth understanding of how these prescriptions were originally used and how to use them clinically today.  Each formula is discussed in detail.  First the individual herbs that make up the prescription are listed, then a general basic overview of the formula’s use including: traditional function, main conformations, and major indications.  Following this are quotes from the classics, whenever possible, so that a more complete understanding may be gained.  This work is intended to help the reader develop a method by which any traditional formula can be organized for clinical use.

(Paperback, 276 pgs.)

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