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Bulletin of the O.H.A.I. of USA (1976-1985)
O.H.A.I. International Bulletin (1986-1988)
International Journal of Oriental Medicine (1989-2003)

Published by OHAI

As traditional Chinese medicine grows in popularity and gains recognition in the United States, physicians are becoming increasingly aware of the need for alternative therapies.  It has become clear how much benefit there is to be derived from the integration of Western and Chinese health care practices.  It has also become evident that scientific research into the components of traditional Chinese medicine, which is now being conducted worldwide, is vital to the process of integrating conventional and alternative medicines.  The International Journal of Oriental Medicine, an outgrowth of the Oriental Healing Arts Bulletin (1976-1988), aims to further this integration.  The journal contains original research papers from China, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and Europe.  Also included are translations of classical works, historical and theoretical articles, studies of individual herbs and formulas, and reviews of clinical experiences.  Hopefully, the International Journal of Oriental Medicine will become a vital link between scholars, scientists, and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine throughout the world.  Although these journals are no longer in publication, back issues are available for the Bulletin of the O.H.A.I. of USA, Issues #1-67 (1976-1985), the O.H.A.I. International Bulletin, Issues #68-87 (1986-1988), and the International Journal of Oriental Medicine, Issues #88-141 (1989-2003).

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